You used to think I was brilliant. And now you just think I’m a bore. Oh huzzah! I’m not surprised  I never expected more. The time we shared seems so cherished.  And now it all seems so bland.  But I can’t complain that nothing remains. It’s all a part of fates plan.  Advertisements


My eyes are my greatest inheritance. I am happy to share them with my brother. Growing up I was always bothered by the way that my pupils nearly blended right into my chocolaty iris’. But not anymore. Now when I pass a mirror and catch a glimpse of my eyes, I am stunned. I see […]

Black Hole

Time, well it stands still. But pulses forward all at once. I can’t tell if I’m the prey, or the one that’s on the hunt. And I’m caught right on the edge of knowing what’s enough. And the contents of my mind and heart, Seem so grim, so lost, so rough. And as I take […]

This Really is the End

Two days ago I was feeling so done.  I was rushing to complete my final summatives, trying to find time to start studying, and being overloaded with stories of teenage drama that I was luckily able to stay out of. At that point I wanted nothing more than to be finished with school.  And then […]


     There are many people that have that have influenced my life, My mother, Ronald McDonald and who I want to give the dish on today- Tina Fey.       Tina has shaped the sense of humor of not only me, but my generation.  With her scripts written for SNL, her roles in many films, her […]