Trying to Find a Voice: 6 Ways to Prove I’m Actually Still Trying at Life

My mother always told me “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”. Lately I’ve been saying less and less.

I’ve never been one to shake off a conversation, or sit on the sidelines quietly and politely, waiting for an appropriate moment to chime in with a “hmm” or “hah” in agreement. I’ve always been a sharp-tonged, loud mouth that jumps into even the most aimless conversation with the gusto of a die-hard sports fan, fists waving and whole body painted with “Go Team!”
This recent change is not only boring, but draining.

I don’t know what happened, but peer interaction suddenly feels like a chore that I anxiously approach and nervously complete. It might be that a few key members of my social circle that not only keep me sane, but also keep me entertained, have departed for their own adventures. Or it might be that I am bored. I think it is a mix. See, I like to keep my schedule more packed then a Prius trying to move all of Kim Kardashians closet. But lately have been listless. Much like a golden retriever puppy, I require oodles of social interaction. No, I won’t pee on your newly carpeted living room if you leave me unattended, but I very well may take up knitting or become a vegan.
It feels nice to rant, but I try not to be one to complain without a plan to improve my circumstances, so lest I digress.

I have attempted to combat this terminal case of boredom by doing some of the following things:

1) Getting more involved in my community. This has worked great! There is so much to learn from listening to elders, and so much to learn from watching children! It’s easy to feel like you are going somewhere in life when you’re helping others find their way down this crowded and crazy path.

2) Getting a library card. Reading the graceful words of the late Maya Angelou that have been knitted together, fearfully and wonderfully in her gifted mind, make me feel challenged, but also changed. And as Arthur said “Having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card.”

3)I bought a ukulele. OKAY. Leave me alone to be a teen cliché.

4) I applied at a few places for a new job. They seem promising. Lets pray they work out.

Which brings me to…

5) I’ve started attending church more regularly. It’s like school, but life is the test (dude, I hope I don’t fail it)

and 6) I’m here again. Writing always helps me clear my mind, center my priorities. There’s nothing like seeing your life laid out on a piece of paper to make you say, “Wow! I really do have so much to be grateful for”

Here’s to hoping these will help me find something nice to say, because saying nothing at all is not only uncharacteristic of me, but plain, old BORING!

Until next time, keep your chin up. It makes for better selfies.


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