The End, The Beginning and The Next Step

     I vividly remember when I was told that we would be blogging for this course.  I remember excitement flashing through my body.  I thought of all of the freedom it would provide, and I GOT MARKS FOR IT! … And then I got the rubric.   Okay, so maybe there would not be as much wiggle room as I thought, but I could still tolerate blogging, right?

     I thought this blog would be some easy marks and a good place to vent and a fun way to get marks, but it has turned out to be so much more!  

     It has been a place where I can learn  (most people I follow aren’t even in my class), it has been an outlet (as I expected), but it has helped me figure out one of my life’s passions- writing.  

    I always knew I was creative.  Mostly because my teachers would comment about my creativity on my report cards… but I never found a medium which I felt fit me properly.  Dancing is for coordinated people.  Every piece of visual art I’ve ever created looks like I tried to form it blindfolded using only my feet.  And my song writing is mediocre at best.  I had tried writing before this course. But the mixture of the reading outside of class, in class guidance and writing exercises, and the open community of my classmates has helped me to grow to love what I doing right this second- blogging!

     This blog has helped me to save an era of my life in a secure place.  Through my poems, rants, and stories I will remember who I have become and why.   This blog has followed me through, auditions, shows, holidays, the loss of my father, job interviews, new friendships, and my leap to the next steps of life.

   I doubt that this will be my last post on this blog.  But I just wanted to share that this is the last time I HAVE to ever write on this thing.  But because of how therapeutic this blog has been for me, I highly doubt it will be the last you read from me on here.




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