There are many people that have that have influenced my life, My mother, Ronald McDonald and who I want to give the dish on today- Tina Fey.

      Tina has shaped the sense of humor of not only me, but my generation.  With her scripts written for SNL, her roles in many films, her show 30 Rock and the popular screenplay she wrote and starred in – Mean Girls.  But the piece of art that Tina has created that has connected with me most is her book Bossypants.

     Bossypants is Feys autobiography that will have you laughing from page one until the end.

    I personally have enjoyed this book so much I am on my third time reading it.  I love this book obviously because it is hilarious, but also because it delves into many issues such as growing up, body image and balancing life between work and family life, all while maintaining a light and silly mood.

   This is a light read that I suggest for anyone with a sense of humor ( which I hope everyone has).

    Tina has not only entertained me, but inspired me to continue with what brings me joy in life, just by living her life the witty and brave way she does.

     So read it.  Like now. Why don’t I see you with the book in your hands right now?  Yeah…. pull up amazon and buy it.  

      Okay, bye.



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