If you must remember me as a time of day I suggest 11:59.

When the old day is ending with all of it’s regrets and mistakes.

When it’s shed it’s leather skin and there is no room for fake.

When the past kisses the present.

When the old day becomes new.

When it’s 11:59 think of me as a warm copper, the hue of tea within a mug, or a midnight navy blue.


At 11:59 it’s not sunset, nor is it dawn.

The troubles of yesterday have parted.

You’ll meet new ones- it won’t be long.


At 11:59 with all your troubles on your back,

Say a little prayer for me. 

And I’ll say one for you.

11:59 holds hope for more than just us two.


At this break of new day no guarantee your promises will be met.

But if you thirst for life,

You may just for one brief moment in the nearly midnight moon

Forget about your troubles,

And I’ll meet you in your memory.  In a heartbeat.  Very soon. 





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