So many different colours

All from one creator.

Each of us a crayon

The world is our paper.

No matter how simple

Each colour will leave a mark.

Most wishing for a legacy of bright, but many leaving scuffs of dark.


You won’t get an eraser.

My friend, you can only write in ink.

Watch the pictures of your past.

Sometimes draw before you think.

Don’t leave your page blank because you fear you are not worth.

You’re here for something. There was no accident in your birth.


Don’t hold back a scribble.

The future holds more room to draw.

You’ll never run out of canvas.

They’ll always be more things to see, more things to say “I saw”


You were born to be your colour.

You’ll live a life, you’ll die a death.

When it’s done who cares about the scribbles,

It’s the masterpiece you’ve left.



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