Last Night

She awakes in a puddle,

Laying hopeless on the floor.

Forced to face last night

Sober, regretful, sore.


In her memory there is a black hole.

A space between her thoughts.

It’s rolling in her stomach,

But her conscious has forgot.


Her arm extends beside her,

Surprised by something wet.

She retrieves her finger dipped in crimson.

Her heart throbs with unknown regret.


She cradles her arm shaking.

Her right coddling her left.

She rolls around to face it.

She’s speechless, blinded, deaf.


With quaking hands she touches his neck.

No pulse. Ice cold.

Suddenly she remembers

Why this frame is without a soul.


The images first come in drizzles,

One fat drop at a time.

Before she can seek shelter,

Memories flood her mind.


She had downed one drink too many.

His hand was on her thigh.

She tried to spit out words,

But all she could do was cry.


Her actions tried to stop him.

Then he pulled out a knife.

With shaking fingers

She somehow reversed it…

                               ….And took his life


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