Keep Your Chin Up (because if you don’t your neck will look fat)

    It’s all about your outlook.

    See, people are always to told to keep their chin up and I always assumed this was a metaphor encouraging them to look at the “up side” of things (pun is very very intended).  But today I realized maybe it’s partially because leaving your chin hanging isn’t really the best look.  It’s difficult to be your best or most attractive when you’re always hard on yourself.    By keeping your chin up you are not only able to see the bright side with a clearer view, but you are able to avoid the dreaded double chin. 

    Think about this:  Do you want to be friends with the kind of person that is far too busy all the time being negative or someone that is looking at the positive possibilities?  I’m going to guess you’d choose number two.  Why would you select a positive pal?  Because unlike Negative Nancy over their looking down and accentuating her multiple chins, Positive Patsy is attractive.  Opposites do not attract when it comes to outlook.  Positive people like to spend time with positive people.  Negative people end up anchoring each other down. 

    We’ve all been in a bad mood where all we want to do is complain and as soon as someone agrees to listen to our rants we jump on it like Rose from titanic jumped on that piece of wood (leaving behind our positive thoughts to die just like Jack did).  Though this may feel healthy, often times the only result is it makes your listener ticked off too and before you know it you two are word vomiting all over the place.  And look at what we’ve got now: Two negative Nancy’s and a bucket of word vomit.

    So long story short, negativity escalates quickly but there is a way to stop it’s spread. Snap your chin up and focus on the good and before you know it, the sun will shine brighter, your troubles aren’t as big and you’ll be more attractive.


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