So I just had a shamrock milkshake from McDonalds.  It was far too milky and an unsettling shade of green, but it still tasted alright.  I also decided to wash this green slosh down with a stack of salty fries.  It seemed like a good idea… at the time.

   But now here I am as usual.  In a sleep-like trance tring to keep the contents of my stomache contained within their fleshy walls.

    I do this every time.  I try to consume junky food and live to tell the tale.  And I manage to make it through, but never without a  bump or scratch along the way.

  This has got me thinking about how as teenagers we seem to feel “invincible”.  We sleep too little, eat like crap and do crazy, dangerous things and still expect to see the light of another day. Wow! I am lucky to have my good health and I probably shouldn’t be abusing it like this just for a few yummy bites followed by a couple more less enjoyable bites followed by a few bites just to get my moneys worth.

   So I Ashley, would like to take this moment to let the world know I am greatful to be here, even if I eat toxic slush occassionally and sleep of 20 minutes at night. I’m young, not invincible and probably going to say “McNo” next time I’m asked to go to McDonalds during spare.

*that last one was a lie.


5 thoughts on “McNo

  1. Very clever “mcno” I agree though I always think it is gonna be such a great idea to ave mcdonalds until I have too much of it. I think that if I only have six nuggets I feel fine but if I get a meal I always feel sick after. This winter I even through up one night after having McDonalds, probably cause my bosy isn’t used to it. But that’s awful that something like cheap food can be so awful for you. Why is all the cheap food or easy to make food so unhealthy. And people who can’t afford a lot of food or any food at all have to buy super cheap things inorder to stay alive, and essentially theyre eating crap, which is only going to make them evenmore unhealthy than they probably already are.

    • You are so right Maddie! It sucks that healthy food is more expensive. It’s horrible that its cheaper to consume things that our bodies weren’t created to consume and more expensive to eat the plain, healthy, natural options.

  2. AMEN! Last night I decided it would be a good idea to eat “cinnamon bun pancakes’ for dinner… I was practically falling asleep after, but I probably wouldn’t say no if I was offered them again. My sister once said to me “I say YOLO more than I say no”. I think we need to start thinking things through before we say yolo…

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