Valentine’s Day has passed, so it’s safe for all of the bitter, singles to crawl out of their burrows and return to their normal, bitter, single lives. As I look back at last Friday I feel one thing- grateful for my friends. I had not one special valentine, but many.  So yeah, thanks.  My weekend went a little like this: Friday was Valentine’s Day, Saturday I worked, Sunday I had my first TCP rehearsal and then Monday I worked and celebrated Family day. The flow of this weekend was poetic.  Not so much for me, but for those with a significant other. You begin the weekend with the most romantic (or annoying) day of the year, which is spent with who you hope your future will be with.  Then you end the weekend with the people that have and will always be there for you- your family.

   I like that. It’s one of life’s prettier juxtapositions.  

     I’d like to talk about the most important men in our lives.  Yeah, our fathers.  Yes, boyfriends and romantic partners are nice.  But the original important men in our lives are our dads. Now, I’m about to get personal here.  I am not close to my father.  I’ve grown up knowing who he is, but not how he is. This is not a sad part of my life. I don’t dwell on it.  It has provided me with the opportunity to choose part time dads. Boy, oh boy I have many! Some are my friends’ fathers, some are neighbors, some are teachers- all are great men!  These are men that have helped me to create standards in my relationships (both plutonic and romantic), helped me to understand (sort of) the male brain and most importantly they’ve taught me that not all men are evil.


    I am so grateful that I have had “Fathers” in my life.  I sense a mystical tie between Single-Awareness-Day and Acknowledge-Your-Parents Day. So ladies, hug your fathers (or “fathers”) and thank them for what they’ve taught you.  Because love is unconditional and they will be there when your heart is broken, your morals have been shaken or if you just need to hear a lame joke to lift your spirit.  Let them set the bar high, and don’t settle for someone who can’t clear it. 


Side note: I have been blessed with an awesome step-dad as well as all of the other awesome “fathers” I have in my life.  I guess I’m just too fabulous for one dad.


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