This is About Exactly What You Expect it to be About

    So the Olympics…. Yeah, they’re on.

   I am not the biggest sports fan, but you bet your bottom dollar that I will still be watching!  I have my sports that I like to watch- figure skating, ice dancing, and hockey (because I don’t know if I count as a Canadian citizen if I don’t)  But my favourite event to watch is the opening  ceremonies.  The opening ceremonies are the best way for the host country to proudly display their history and culture.  I love it! The music, the dance and ahhhh the lights!  My eyes are always glued to the screen! The moment that the tourch lights the olympics flame the olympics become the only thing on the news, radio and our social media timelines.  And I’m not complaining (yet). The olympics are great! Why do I think this?  Because I enjoy that the world comes together for something other than a crisis.  I love that we are all joinging up as mankind to sing and dance and compete!  It’s a worldwide party and I plan on attending, even if it’s just from my living room sofa.


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