Here comes another one

   Recently a lot of my posts have been about beauty, or rather challenging you to reconsider what is, or makes someone beautiful.  Well here comes another one.

    Most people grew up with Disney princess’ as an image we looked up to.  They were graceful, dainty and feminine- everything we wanted to grow up to be. My beautiful, petite, afghan friend Fayrosa told me that as a child she was convinced she would grow up to be an ivory skinned, leggy, red head like Ariel. She didn’t (in my opinion she grew up to be much better than any princess). When I was little there was not a black princess, so I spent dress-up time and Halloween as Pocahontas or Jasmine.  I even walked in on my older brother and his friends in their early teens discussing which princess was the hottest.  Long story short- when it comes to Disney Princess’ most people don’t doubt their beauty, they admire and strive for it.

    Needless to say, nobody looks like a Disney princess.  Okay yes, we all have that one friend that looks a lot like one.  But in reality none of us  have their perfect hair, blemish free face and perfect hour-glass body. We’re human, not cartoon.

What if I were to show them to you in a different light? Would you think of them as any less beautiful?

   In recent news an Italian artist named Alexsandro Palombo addresses this issue by re-imagining these characters in a new light. He attempts to breakdown stereotypes of beauty by depicting the princess’ as physically disabled.  He challenges what the ‘perfect’ women is.

   Check out this article, and think about what you consider beautiful!


3 thoughts on “Here comes another one

  1. I think you are very right no one can be exactly like a princess but when your older don’t you come to a realization that you wouldn’t want to anyway? It the same thing as the barbie doll look, if barbie was human size she would look disturbing and not as beautiful as we think of her as children. Personally, I believe all girls are beautiful in their own ways and will always be much better looking than a cartoon. Even though I too wanted to look like Jasmine when I was little but now I am completely content with the way I am!

  2. Isn’t it funny how most of us as little girls desired to look like something we would never even resemble without major alterations? I feel like becoming content in your appearance is a part of growing up. A very difficult part, but an important one. I think it’s a sign that you are now able to separate fantasy from reality. You know what is attainable for you and you go for it; you know what isn’t and you finally let it go.

  3. Wow! The redesigned princesses are very interesting. I was expecting them to be less hour-glassy, have blemished skin and look more like everyday people. I think approaching them in a more physically disabled way is really interesting.
    P.S what’s up with their eyes, a little freaky…

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