Day Four

    This week I have been participating in a media restricition project for my media studies class. 

Now you may be asking “Why is she blogging then?”

Well you see, my curious reader, each member of the class creates thier own plan.  And my plan includes cutting off everything except for blogging.

For the past four days I have had no random googling of unanswered questions, no social networking websites, no radio, no TV no texting and no cute animal videos (HOW AM I ALIVE?).

Yes, I am feeling slightly isolated. But refreshed.

    Currently, the worst thing I’m experienceing is the silence.  OH HOW I DREAD THE SILENCE! Without media the world is so quiet. Too peaceful for my liking. Without TV, radio and other forms of media acting as the background soundtrack to my life, my world has been tipped on it’s side (personally I have no clue how I’m even typing without following my normal pre- writing ritual- headphones in, world out, write like the wind).  Life has been so quiet. I need the noise! I live for the noise!

     Atleast I have choir to keep my sanity. Now evensongs that are mandatory to listen to, like O Canada, are a well-deserved treat. Yesterday I hopped into my friend Courtneys car and asked her to turn off her radio. Her response was “Ashley, you’re on media restriction. Not me. I’ll turn it down so it’s barely there. How about that?” I am SO GRATEFUL for her refusal. Now listening to music has so much more value to it. It’s a treat. A forbidden
treat, but a treat regardless.

    Don’t you start thinking I have cheated. NO WAY HAVE I CHEATED! I only listen when it is my only choice. Get in the car with the radio, or I  could choose to walk to and from school, UPHILL BOTH WAYS, Sonny Boy! Don’t take me for a doormat, I put up a fight, try to avoid media. But sometimes I have no choice. And hey, I’m an optimist, so I just make the best of the situation!

     But on the flip side, the silence itself is refreshing. I think so much clearer on my silent bus rides without my earbuds blocking me off from the world. I read much more attentively without background music drawing my attention away from the words on the page. My thoughs are so clear, so uninterrupted by the hustling and bustling world around me. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, not that I don’t usually think, but I’ve been thinking without interruption or distractions for the past four days. Truly there isn’t much else to do.

  The silence in often frustrating, boring, but it provides a sense of clarity.  I encourge everyone to take a day or two off from social media, or to try and limit yourself.  You will not only gain an even greater sense of appreciation for the technology that allows all people to stay connected so easily, but you will give yourself a break from the fast paced world we live in. Take a media vacation. It’s like any other vacation- refreshing, calming, soothing. The only difference is you won’t have beautiful pictures of white sand beaches to show your friends and family. But you’ll probably get the more peaceful, present state of mind- without the cost.

    In conclusion, the past four days my eyes haven’t been a slave to screens. My ears haven’t been shackled to headphones. My phone hasn’t been in my pocket acting as an umbilical chord between me and the world. I’ve been cut off. I’ve had no choice other than to be present. And honestly, it’s not too bad.




2 thoughts on “Day Four

  1. I applaud you for being able to do this! I am attatched to my phone like its another limb of mine. It’s actually horrible. I don’t think I would last if I had to do this for a whole week. A couple hours maybe a day but thats surely the most I could do. However, it sounds nice to be free and not be compelled to a scene. Perhaps one day I will attempt this challenge just to see how poorly I would fail 😉

    • before this I would get slightly anxious being away from my phone for five minutes because I feared I would miss an important text or notification. But now I find it kind of nice not being able to be at everyones call whenever they need me. Kind of mysterious. It’s nice. I highly recommend it Meils.

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