You Don’t Need A New Pair of Shoes

    We’ve all had that pair of shoes.  You know the ones that you seem to have had forever?  They might not be the most flashy or fashionable. But they’re there. They are constant, reliable.  The sole has been worn in just enough. Your feet have molded themselves perfectly into them. They are just always there and always have been there.

    You dread the day when they will no longer be sufficent enough. And you know that day is on it’s way, even if you try to avoid it.

   Because feet grow, and shoes wear out, weather damages, washing and scrubbing just won’t take out the smell anymore. No matter how hard you try to tell yourself that these shoes are still working for you, you’ll realize they no longer do.  You can’t lie to yourself.  You can’t make these shoes new again. And buying a new pair of the exact same kind won’t help either.  You’ll just run into the same flippin’ problems again. You can’t stop growing and changing and you can’t just make the shoes fit anymore.

    You don’t need a new pair.  You need to stop holding onto the old, just accept that you’ve grown. Don’t forget how great those shoes were. Realize how much they stink now.

    I’m not just talking about shoes here people. 



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