Pretty Hurts

  You know when you listen to a good albumn all the way through there is always that one song that sticks out the most to you?  No matter how amazing the albumn is as a whole there is always one song that reaches out, grabs your heart strings and tugs on them until you have not only memorized the lyrics, but also somehow learned the choreography in the music video (oh, thats just me? Akward!) . Well this strong emotional connection to a song is exaclty how I feel about Beyonces new song Pretty Hurts off of her latest self-titled albumn.

  Not only is the sound of it a pleasure on the ears, somehow it manages to be equally soothing, passionate and energizing, and have a beautful and inspiring message.

   This song addresses how society is so hard on females when it comes to appearances.  Saying how everyday we are bombarded by opposing messages, making it so difficult for us ladies to figure out what is “right”.  The lyrics even say ” Blonder hair, flat chest
TV says, “Bigger is better.”
South beach, sugar free
Vogue says, “Thinner is better”

   These mixed messages along with the harsh light of the media lead to painful results such as: low self- confidence, bad body image and in many cases self harm. This song examines this saying “we shine the light on whatever’s worse” and it even pegs perfection as “a disease of a nation”. 

   But this song doesn’t only call out society. It asks the listener “When you’re alone all by yourself (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
And you’re lying in your bed (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Reflection stares right into you (pretty hurts, pretty hurts)
Are you happy with yourself?” causing the listener to evaluate how they feel about themselves. 

  Not only does this song call out the media and ask the listener to evaluate themself, it gives hope to the listener by giving advice, “You’re tryna fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see
It’s the soul that needs the surgery.” 

   This song advises women to not look in the mirror to find beuty, but to look within. If thats not enough to make you a fan, I’m sure the beautiful vocal stylings of Beyonce and the catchy chorus will capture your heart!  Give it a listen!



4 thoughts on “Pretty Hurts

  1. It is, but I think it’s great that Beyonce uses her role model status to empower women to see the beauty from within instead of just the reflection in the mirror. Beyonce is very fit and beautiful, but she is not stick thin. She is an example of a women that will never have a thigh gap, but still has self-confidence and embraces not only her body, but her inner beauty. Infact, in her official music video for the song she is the largest women and her character deals with balemia. I take this song as Beyonce saying that nobody will ever feel perfectly pretty, not even her, but we can choose to focus on our inner self and feel much more fufilled and confident.

  2. At this point the best advice is to just be yourself. You really get bombarded with different messages in all aspects of life.”This food is good for you” says a magazine while the internet calls it the “worst food”. Also certain things like exercises, the lady on my workout DVD says crunches are so amazing for you, but my chiropractor says it’s terrible for the lower back. Trusting your own experiences is the best way to do it. Besides, everyone is beautiful in their own way!

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