This is for the People that wanted to Punch Me in The Face, but Didn’t

  I’m about to use three simple words, that when combined form one of the most dangerous phrases in the English language.

I’ve been thinking…

    We have all been forgiven at some point or another in our life for doing something wrong.  Whether we choose to acknowledge it or not, it has happened.  Newsflash, nobody’s perfect *insert Hannah Montanna lyrics here*. We’ve done something unintentionally or intentionally annoying and somebody has been so irritated by us that they wanted to punch us in the face. But they didn’t.  When it was easier for them to hate us, the chose to love us.  Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

      We humans put each other through so much crap, yet we still manage to love one another.

    We literally treat our parents like a tissue our first few years of life, by sneezing, peeing and vomiting on them, and they still love us.  We have habits our friends can’t stand, but they still love us.  We complain about trivial things, but people still love us enough to listen to us rant.

This is fantastic !

  I totally mess up ATLEAST one hundred times a day, but people love me anyways! What the heck is this magic!?!

   So I just wanted to remind you that there is this magic gift that you are CONSTANTLY receiving, and it’s love.  So please, remember to pay it forward in honour of the people you peed on as a baby, you sneezed on as a kid and the people that wanted to punch you in the face, but didn’t.


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