HOLI(every single)DAY

Ahh once I’ve dodged the couple photos

with the young lovers sporting red.

I come across the snowman pic.

Yeah, the one without a head.


Then I’m pelted with quotes from characters

The usual- Buddy the elf and Mr.Grinch…

Is this a dream? A nightmare?

Wake me with a pinch!


Then I come across a post.

One about real love.

Not the kind with holding hands.

No, love coming from above.


Not infatuation.

There isn’t mistletoe.

Not cuddles, hot cocoa and movies,

No, no, no!


The kind about good will

and peace on earth.

Not a post about money,

But about things with more than earthly worth.


Forget the corny, cheesy commercial things

About this holiday.

And remember to give love,

Each and every day.



Here are some posts to remind you of the reason of the season







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