This is really what we focus on?

    It’s a shame that such a great life ever had to end, but death is inevitable.  It is even more of a shame that the reason this is still creating buzz in the news is not because of the great legacy Nelson Mandela left behind in this world, but because of the fake sign language interpreter at his funeral.

  During the December 10th memorial for Mandela, Thamsanqa Jantjie had a schizophrenic episode and halluciated while he was suppose to be signing to the audience.

    This is what is making news.  Why?  Yes, this is a terrible thing that has happend.  But why don’t we focus on the legacy of peace and equality that Mandela has left behind, which was the purpose of the event anyways. 

  It is sickening to me that Obamas selfie with other world leaders and  Jantjies episode get as much time in the spotlight  (maybe even more) as Mandela’s life and legacy. Luckily, I know these unimportant events fifteen minutes of fame will pass quickly and Mandelas message of peace will live on forever.


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