I’m going to let me inner five and a half year old out.  Today is my brithday. I feel special.  What makes me feel so special?  EVERYONE IS SUPER EXTRA NICE WHEN IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!  Thats why!  Today before noon I had recieved more texts, tweets and facebook posts then I do in an average month.  

In complete honesty I had low expectations for today.  Last night I made last minute plans to go out for dinner with some friends and I jokingly asked a people to bring me cake.  Other than that I had said very little in regards to my birthday.  But two cakes, one tin of score bars and at least 5 failed attempts at harmonizing later, I AM HAVING A BLAST!

Long story short, I had nothing to be scared of on this Friday the 13th.  Everyone has pulled through to make me feel so special.  I was hoping to mostly ignore this lovely day, but instead I recieved a confidence boost I didn’t even know I needed. Luckily this avalanche of complements hits me only once a year, or else I might end up with a head so big that I look like a Bratz doll.  So to those that have made my day brighter by making me a “special” card, baking delicious treats, singing or even just acknowledging my existence, thanks. You have helped start my 17th year of life out better than I ever expected!


2 thoughts on “17

  1. I’ve stopped doing the obligatory ‘Hope you have a good one?’ Facebook posts for people’s birthdays as it strikes me as insincere…My device reminds me it’s your birthday and I take 5 seconds to type out a perfunctory birthday wish-lame-or do you still appreciate the ‘gesture’?


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