If Your Grandma Follows You on Twitter

   This past Wednesday I went to my first We Day.  I wouldn’t say that I learned many new new things, but I would say it was a fantastic refresher of the need for more love, support and awarness for issues in the world.  There were many fantastic speakers and performers present that set great examples of how to live an informed and purposeful life.  But the impact of We Day did not end there. In our gift bags we were given many items, but my favourite by far was a book entitled My Grandma Follows me on twitter and other first world problems.  This book is a great reminder to always be appreciative of what we have.  Basic things like food, water and clothing aren’t accessable to others.  Whenever I am feeling ungreatful I pick up this book and I’m reminded of how blessed I am.  So before you complain about not having a good wifi connection in the bathroom or not getting extra foam on your soy latte, remember that these are just simple first world problems.  Expand your world view.  Appreciate what you have.http://shop.metowe.com/products/mygrandmafollowsmeontwitterandotherfirstworldproblemswereluckytohave


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