Artificial Maturity

   Somedays it seems to me like everyone in our generation seems to believe that they are mature beyond their years.  We are not.  Yesterday I sat through a sermon and though this was not the main point of it, this really resonated with me.  Pastor Raja referenced the book Artifical Maturity and said that our generation often confuses being wise with being knowledgable.  I completely agree!  We’ve grown up having information at our fingertips, being able to Google any questions we have.  Because of the amount  of knowledge we have accessed, we belive we are mature.  Maturity comes from wisdom, not knowledge.  Wisdom cannot be found on google, it is discovered through LIFE EXPIRIENCE.   So long story short, sometimes we just need to pipe down.  We have knowledge, not wisdom.  Get out there and live life.  It’s the only way to actually grow into a mature, functioning adult.


One thought on “Artificial Maturity

  1. True,
    I think that these days we are much more sheltered in many ways but this is definitely one. Why go figure something out for ourselves when we can just look it up online? Interesting how that has changed.

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