Two Pet Peeves and a Mayor

One of my pet peeves is when people blame alcohol for their behavior. You have chosen to put that alcohol into your body. Therefore 9 times out of 10 I will still blame you for what you have done.  Rob Ford is not in the 10% that I give the benefit of the doubt to. The Toronto mayor blames being drunk for his use of crack.  This is not a valid excuse. He not only chose to put unreasonable amounts of alcohol into his body, he then chose to add illegal substances into his body.  And then he denied it to the press for 5 months until the video was released. HE LIED. Yet another one of my pet peeves.  I understand that nobody is perfect and that the media puts a lot of pressure on those in the spot light, but it is safe to say that most people respect honesty and  Rob Ford has not been honest with us.  As Ford continues to be mayor I am interested in seeing what he does to redeem himself and gain back the peoples trust, because if trust is broken, what else do we have?


One thought on “Two Pet Peeves and a Mayor

  1. My experience suggests that being drunk allows people to shed certain inhibitions and simply be more of what they truly are. Sober people have censors that stop them from saying/doing what they really want to do(either good or bad)-drunk people lose those censors and start saying/doing what they really feel. In Ford’s case, I think he really is homophobic and racist and an addict which came out when the alcohol affected him.


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