The cheapest, healthiest gift you can give yourself

Everyday laugh at yourself.  Find something silly that you’ve done, and laugh at yourself.  Look in the mirror at yourself and don’t only smile or, pick a piece of lettuce from your teeth, or avoid the reflection, or whatever you usually do. LAUGHT AT YOURSELF!  At least seven times a week, 365.25 times a year, laugh at yourself.  Find the humor in your life. Yeah, still laugh at your friends and family. But laugh at Y-O-U.  You’re worth your own laughter.  You’re funny too. Who cares if you look crazy laughing at that silly memory that just popped into your mind? Do it wherever. Too shy to let a laugh anywhere?  Do it when you’re alone. Nobody needs to know.  We’ve all heard that laughter is the greatest medicine. It’s true. But laughter is also one of the greatest gifts. Not that mean mocking laughter. Not that behind your back “I am laughing at how silly you are” laughter. I mean that genuine, happy, “what you’ve said brings me joy” laughter.  And who deserves that gift more than you?  Recognize that you can make yourself happier if you choose to. So laugh at yourself everyday because you’re worth it.  Because you’re funny. You’re flawed. And because why not? It’s the cheapest, healthiest gift you can give yourself everyday.


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