Theres an app for that

These days there is pretty much an app for anything. 

    Many parents are anxious when they allow their children to go trick- or treating alone for the first time.  Despite most parents dreading their children growing up and experiencing the joys of halloween without them, there comes a point in most pre-teens lives when they want to venture out into the dark streets at night with bags to be filled with free treats alone.

   How do these two topics relate?  Well, because the phrase “theres an app for that”, is correct yet agian.  The free app Track n Treat made by  the Seattle-based company, Glympse, allows parents to keep track of their children via GPS and email for the limited time of four hours.

    So there it is, proof that technology never fails to be pushing the boundaries and making our private lives less and less private.


4 thoughts on “Theres an app for that

  1. Who comes up with this stuff! I wonder if there will be information published after this Halloween to see how many parents actually used or could figure out how to work the app. That’s awesome though, thanks for sharing this.

  2. I knew ‘generally’ where my son(in grade 8) and his friends were last night-but how do kids become responsible adults if parents don’t let them free to make their own decisions? I wonder how we teach problem-solving if kids never have to solve a problem-then live with the consequences…


    • I agree. Personally my Mother has always given me enough space to grow and has always held my siblings and I responsible for our actions and trusted us enough to make the right decisions to not invade our privacy and I am very grateful for that. I think that is a main contributor to us having a happy and healthy relationship. My friends that have been smothered and stalked by their parents often turn to rebellious behavior in order to express their dislike of this treatment. Space and privacy are healthy and necessary parts of growing up and becoming an individual capable of making healthy and responsible decisions.

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