One word

    When I was in senior kindergarten I took the bus to school everyday at noon.  I was never the kindest or most welcoming child. In complete honesty, I was a full blown, unapproachable diva by the age of  three and a half.  So I spent a my bus rides alone.  This made my ten minute bus rides feel like an eternity.  Luckily, my bus driver was always kind to me and never once let any of us small children go to school without causing a smile to burst across our face. I vividly remember asking my jolly bus driver,”Hey, Whats your name?” and he responded “Fred Flintstone”.  Now, looking back I’m sure he was lying to me.  But at the time I thought my bus driver was a real, live TV star (keep in mind I was 4).  

   Fred always made my day.  He was half of the reason I was excited to go to school. 

In the spring of 2001 my mother had purchased a shiny, new, navy blue rain coat for me. She thought it was adorable and perfect for sassy little me. I hated it. I was convinced that it made me look like a boy and I was not interested in wearing it in public.  But Fred Flintstone came to the rescue.  When my mother told him that I thought I looked like a complete dork, he convinced me that I looked fabulous.  He was probably lying, but I believed him. Fred always had a way of helping anyone that needed a little confidence boost.

Then, all of a sudden Fred was gone.  No longer was my animated bus driver around to make my day.  When I asked where he was I heard one word: cancer.

Sadly Fred passed away.

But he taught me a lesson I will never forget; there are some people that are in your life briefly, but remain in your heart permanently. 


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