You belong here

You are all nothing more,

and nothing less

Than a finely hand-crafted piece of clothing that has been sewn against the bias.

Imperfect, functional, good enough.


You are born a puzzle,

missing a single piece.

A bird without wings.

A valentines day without chocolate.


You belong directly here:

Above nobody, below nothing.


Life is a great balancing act.

Become a tightrope walker.


2 thoughts on “You belong here

  1. This flows really well! I’d be curious to know the exact context of this piece. Are you writing to yourself or somebody else? Either way I love the imagery involved here. Nice!

    • It’s just me explaining to the world how I see people. We are all equal, flawed, but fabulous.
      It is also sort of a reminder to myself that I am not better or worse than anybody else.

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