Don’t judge me, but…

     I think it is about time that I admit that I am a TLC addict.  TLC: The learning channel. But really do I learn anything valuable? No. 

    Nearly every friday night I indulge in watching hours of bridal shows and almost every sunday afternoon I find my eyes glued to my television screen watching a marathon of some dramatic show about young, beautiful amish people or a plural family from Utah.  Why exactly do I do this? Because I am a slave to TLC. 

    I will be the first to admit that I am wasting my time watching these susbtanceless shows.  But you have to give TLC credit, it sure knows how to attract and maintain a crowd. 

     DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!  I know that I’m not alone in this addiction. Every single time a premiere for one of TLC’s  shows is on, my twitter timeline overflows with both postive and negative feedback about the show.  So it is clear that TLC is doing something right.

  Here is what makes TLC shows my cryptonite:

  1. The topic is always something so random and different from my life that I find myself unable to not be intrigued by it.  For example, the new show ” Alaskan Women Looking For Love“. (How did they think of this concept?)
  2. The constant cliff hangers, whether they are before a commercial break or to end an episode.  Which is an average move by TV producers, but I find that TLC puts an extra addicting spin on this classic move by being borderline ridiculous. Scratch that, by being ridiculous. (If you don’t believe me, watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo)
  3. The fact that once TLC creates a show about a something EVERY network makes a rip off show it.  And those shows never seem to match up to the same crazy connection that TLC has with its veiwers.  Proof: Amish Mafia will NEVER make veiwers sympathize with the characters the way that Breaking Amish has.
  4.  These shows always have crazy buzz that surrounds them.  You cannot walk past a magazine stand without seeing the face of atleast one TLC reality show star on it. And when there is a premiere being aired,  prepare to be bumbarded by people sharing their opinons about these guilty pleasure shows on facebook or twitter.
  5. Last and not least,  I have grown up with these shows.  I’ve seen three out of the four children on Little People, Big World out grow their parents.  I’ve seen John, Kate and their 8 children grow as a family before separating and going off air.  I’ve seen Stacey and Clinton make-over people for the past ten years.  These are more than just people in my TV now.  In my delusinal brain, these are pretty much my friends.

     Though I hate to admit it, TLC should keep up the great work.  They have developed a fool proof formula to get people hooked for life. I might argue that the name doesn’t exactly reflect their programming anymore, but why mess with the good name they have made for themselves. Long story short, TLC: 1, Ashley: 0.



3 thoughts on “Don’t judge me, but…

  1. Might I suggest that the North American obsession with these shows is based on the fact that we like to be re-assured that there are people more pathetic or wierd or lazy or unattractive or whatever than we, the viewer, are?

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